Friday, January 31, 2014

{ Subic Bay, Philippines }

Wearing a Victoria's Secret beach dress in pink.

Had a great summer last year since I was able to go back home (Philippines) where I get to see and hang out with my family and friends again after four long years. Also had the privileged of visiting one of the well known tourist spot in Olongapo City, a town called Subic. The water temperature was perfect, mini shops along sides of the beach where you can buy souvenirs, and "Bangka" (small boat(s)) ready to give you tour from one end side of the beach to the other. 

I've been to Subic once before with friends. At first I was not that impress. Not sure why though but maybe because I really didn't get to see the whole area and other hotels that are in there. I guess you can say I didn't get to explore much. We were only there (with my friends) for one day. However, this time around was much better. Unfortunately, the hotel where my sisters and I stayed was pretty bad. It's 3 out of 10 for me (10 being the highest). The food was tasteless. The staff were bad too! Not friendly to us at all. They made us feel like we're invisible. Because of that bad experience I will not be going back to that hotel ever again. Instead, I will give the other hotels nearby a try on my next trip back to the Philippines and to Subic. :) The saying is right after all, "first impression counts!" Hahah 

I hope you guys would have better luck when you visit Subic. Better hotel, staff, and better experience overall because for me, when you’re on vacation, everything counts. You want to remember all the good things and not the bad because you (I) would rather share the good part of the vacation to your family or friends instead of the bad, right?! 

Anyway, I had a great time there nonetheless because I’m with my two favorite people in the whole wide world. And that made it all better. :)  .… but I’m still not going back to that hotel ever again. Lol! Customer service is very important to me, wherever I go. That's one of the things I put in consideration whether I'll be a returning customer or not.

Bottom-line is, this place (Subic) has a lot to offer so you have to give it a chance when you're in the Philippines. ;)

Until next time bloggers! xoxoxo 

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