Sunday, February 23, 2014

{ Graduation! the start of a new beginning }

I was so in a hurry to find a dress that I could wear on my graduation day and was looking for any color except for black. Why did I say except for “black” The reason being was after conducting a research about what to wear on a graduation ceremony, here’s what I found: Most of the answers on line mentioned about black colour clothes being not such a good idea. It confused me for a while and wondering why not? Apparently, “they” said that your graduation gown is already in black colour, it would be better to pair it with something different (color wise) inside. Also, wearing something black underneath your gown may be a little uncomfortable especially if the room temperature at the place where the graduation ceremony is being held will be warm. Since ceremonies like graduations are too long (mine was about 2 and a half hrs), you’ll be in your gown for that long as well. You may sweat.  But then again, this depends on the building’s temperature.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

{ ...and then there's Cape Town }

Cape Town, South Africa is one of the world's best cities and seven days in this place was not enough. This City has so much to offer that in seven days we couldn't get to see it all. We went to one of the vineyard that’s in the area and did a tour inside the whole property (can’t remember the exact name of the place). Part of the tour was showing us where they make and store the wine.  The storage area was huge and cold, it was crazy seeing big wood barrels on top of one another, labeled and dated. Lastly, the best part of the tour (for me of course) was the wine and cheese tasting. 

Me posing for the camera and exploring :)
Except for the top, my whole outfit here is from South Africa, including the purse. Top is from Macy's :)

Saturday, February 15, 2014

{ Winter Wonderland }

Last year December, I was looking for a stylish coat but warm at the same time. Went through different websites that sells coat and I came across this Jessica Simpson brand coat in burgundy color, found it at Nordstrom online store. At first I was a little skeptical about buying it because I was not familiar with the Jessica Simpson line. However, as you can see, I did bought the coat and surprisingly, the coat is perfect in every way! It fits my petite body, not too long nor too short, it has a perfect shape on the waistline, and it is super stylish and warm, just exactly what I’m looking for. I also love the fact that it has three different style around the neck area; first, you can leave it open (shows your neck) if you’re warm; second, halfway close (left side closes more than the right), or third, close it all the way to cover your neck up to your chin, no need for scarf. Also, the coat just screams quality.  You won't be disappointed. I look forward to buying more winter coat from her line.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

{ Early Valentine's Day }

Another Winter Storm here in New England and because of that hubby and I will be celebrating the Valentine’s Day this year indoors (at least no romantic dinner to a restaurant), just staying warm and safe. So I thought, why not share my early V’ Day flowers to the blog world. 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

{ When in Rome }

Finally, I can now check Rome off my bucket list! This Eternal City was by far the most amazing place I have ever been to. The architectures and Roman arts are without doubt one of a kind, no wonder this place gets millions of tourists every year from around the world.

I've never seen a place like this before and that's because I never even thought for a second I would get the chance to visit Italy.

Friday, February 7, 2014

{ The Black & White Dress }

This high lo half maxi dress is one of my too many favorite dresses I have ever worn so far. It is simple and yet classy. Not too revealing on the front or back but still sexy, just few of the things I look for a dress when there’s a special occasion. With that said, I think this dress can only be worn in times like; (1) night out with friends (Clubbing to be specific with attire requirements), (2) going out on a romantic date (wear it with light jacket or shawl; a lighter jacket will make this overall classic black and white look so chic), (3) I also think this dress can be worn when attending a wedding reception, and finding the perfect shawl to go with it is the key. In addition, this dress can also be paired with red or black high heels and jewelries of your choice to make it more interesting.