Friday, February 7, 2014

{ The Black & White Dress }

This high lo half maxi dress is one of my too many favorite dresses I have ever worn so far. It is simple and yet classy. Not too revealing on the front or back but still sexy, just few of the things I look for a dress when there’s a special occasion. With that said, I think this dress can only be worn in times like; (1) night out with friends (Clubbing to be specific with attire requirements), (2) going out on a romantic date (wear it with light jacket or shawl; a lighter jacket will make this overall classic black and white look so chic), (3) I also think this dress can be worn when attending a wedding reception, and finding the perfect shawl to go with it is the key. In addition, this dress can also be paired with red or black high heels and jewelries of your choice to make it more interesting.

I love how the back is open like this. It gives the dress that “sexy” look factor even more. Although I don't have a good back to show off I knew I can still pull it off. Haha! Unfortunately, despite of how beautiful this dress may look, I will not be wearing it again, ever. This is because of the material, it's sheer. It is see through and due to that factor I couldn't wear it somewhere outside. I only got the chance to wear this dress in Vegas on the hall way at the hotel we were staying in. Lol! Took some photos and then back to the room. :))

I like this dress so much to the point that when I went back to the Philippines I had it fixed. Added another material underneath so it doesn't look as see through but it didn't work. The alteration I thought that will fix the dress ruined it instead. Luckily, I didn't spent too much money on this. That's a plus! :)

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