Tuesday, July 22, 2014

{ The POWER of the PURSE }

What I own ... so far. ;)

This post is about sharing what I love. Although, some may say (particularly my husband) it’s an addiction! But I don’t see it that way. Hahah! ;) Generally speaking, in my perspective, we (women) buy things that make us happy. Like, for instance, in my case buying bags especially when they are authentic. 

I also feel good when I carry authentic products on my shoulder. There’s something to say about authentic items, like bags. They last longer, better quality/material, and they never go out of style. With that said, for example, look at Coach Brand. I think I was still in high school when I first heard about it. Never thought I would carry one. :) And now that I own Coach, I never get tired of using them.. because they’re that great! 

The very first authentic name brand bag I’ve ever owned was a PRADA small handbag [it’s not in the photo because I put it away in a box somewhere when we moved and never saw it again :( ] . Hubby bought it as a Christmas present to me back in 2007. Second authentic brand name I owned was a Guess? handbag. Purchased it back in 2011 and I’m still using it up to now. It’s still in great condition. I take care of my stuff pretty well. And then, Hubby bought me a cross-body Coach Bag (Birthday present) in 2012. That was my third authentic brand name bag, and it didn’t stop there. I was obsessed with these good quality purses so I bought more. Lol! ^_^

To name a few, ZARA, CK, Dooney & Bourke. After that, whenever I see authentic items on sale, I will go and buy it. Wristlets, wallets, phone case. Interesting fact, before, I told myself that I will never ever spend more than $50 on a purse. That was long time ago before Hubby introduces me to name brands. I’m not saying it’s his fault, Hahaha! It just overtime, I realized the difference of brand names from regular handbags. However, from time to time, I still buy bags that are private labels. As long as it holds my attention, unique and/or vintage, I will buy it. Especially, if these unique purses are only $15 or $20. I'm not big on name brand clothes though.. it was just purses and wallets.

My GUESS? collection

My COACH shoulder/cross-body bag and wristlet.

My CALVIN KLEIN handbag :)

One of my favorite.. My ZARA shoulder bag.

MY DOONEY & BOURKE barrel bag and wristlet.

My "Night Out" purses.

New addition to my collection.. Michael Kors Zip Around Wallet :)


Question: ???

I’m not really sure why most women only buy name brand purses. Few of my friends own expensive labels only and nothing else. From shoulder bag, to cross-body bag, clutches and wallets, to diaper bag. Is it because of the status women would like people/public to see? To show that you can afford to buy expensive labels? Or is it the self-confidence that it brings whenever you carry a well-known pricey bag? Whatever reasons there maybe, there is really no good answer. Everyone has their own reasons for buying expensive authentic bags. With that in mind, logos or not, bottom line is, be practical about it. If you can afford it and you’re not hurting for money, then go for it. Otherwise, focus on those that you really need, … for now. Until you can afford to buy one LV bag, or Gucci, or even Chanel. Lol! 

My tactic, I tried to have (at least) one bag from each brand. And, so far, I’m happy with what I got. Can’t complain. :)

Until next time Bloggers!



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