Sunday, February 23, 2014

{ Graduation! the start of a new beginning }

I was so in a hurry to find a dress that I could wear on my graduation day and was looking for any color except for black. Why did I say except for “black” The reason being was after conducting a research about what to wear on a graduation ceremony, here’s what I found: Most of the answers on line mentioned about black colour clothes being not such a good idea. It confused me for a while and wondering why not? Apparently, “they” said that your graduation gown is already in black colour, it would be better to pair it with something different (color wise) inside. Also, wearing something black underneath your gown may be a little uncomfortable especially if the room temperature at the place where the graduation ceremony is being held will be warm. Since ceremonies like graduations are too long (mine was about 2 and a half hrs), you’ll be in your gown for that long as well. You may sweat.  But then again, this depends on the building’s temperature.

The graduation I attended to was held in Bridgeton Arena. It was a big place. And I was not sure about the temperature inside but still, I went to buy a black dress. It wasn’t my intention the first time because of what I read on line. However, when I saw this dress, I just fell in love with it. After trying it on, I just knew this is the dress I wanted to wear on that special day. Anyway, it turns out, wearing a black color dress underneath the gown was not that bad.  Maybe because the fabric of this dress is so soft. The only bad choice I did that day was the shoes. It’s not because the shoes were bad, it was because during the ceremony, we had to stand up few times and a long time too. So standing with heels on is just not a good idea. It hurts and it was uncomfortable. By the time I was about to walk up on the stage, my feet was already in pain. So if I would have to do it again, I would wear something flat.

Dress: Rue 21


  1. Ahh-- I remember this day as if it was yesterday. It's amazing to think nearly two years have passed since! Be a go-getter after you graduate. I was the 'find myself' type which was a grand journey. But, now I'm having trouble beginning my career (until recently)! The little black dress is stunning on you. Looking forward to your future posts.

    <3 Carsla
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    1. Thank you so much Carsla! :)
      Currently, I am also the 'find myself' type but hopefully it won't be long now. Lol!

      Thank you for checking out my blog! ^_^