Thursday, April 24, 2014

{ ..that one Maxi Dress }

This dress is one of my favorite. I get to wear it during Spring or Summer. When it’s Spring time, I wear it with light jacket just like on this photo when hubby and I went to see the show “Stars on Ice”. Then I paired it with yellow designer inspired botany shoulder body bag and yellow flats. This maxi dress is definitely one for keeps. During summer I wear it just as it is. No need for lighter jacket whatsoever. You see, I don’t have all high-end branded handbags in the world so I use what I have in my closet. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter if it’s a brand name or not as long as it looks good on my overall look, I will go for it. Not everyone can afford to buy branded stuff, right? Hahah! :)

I got this multi color maxi dress at sold by Sakkas StoreI’m not that tall, so buying maxi dresses like this one is always a hit-or-miss for me. Especially when buying online, I don’t get to try it on first so it’s really hard to tell if it’s going to fit or not. I always order the size small when purchasing clothes online, that’s my size even when buying clothes at the mall. When I got this dress and tried it on, it fits me very well, on the bust area, waistline and hips. Except for one thing, it is too long. Again, I’m not that tall anyway so I think maxi dresses would always be too long for me. Lol!

The good thing about dresses that are too long is that you can always get it altered. And that’s exactly what I did. I folded the bottom to the point where it doesn't touch the ground and sewed it up. After that little fixing, the dress was perfect! :) Since the day I purchased this dress (2012), I've worn like five to six times now. The vibrant color still there, hasn't faded at all which is a plus. :) 

This was my outfit when Hubby and I went to the "Stars on Ice" show last week. It was still a little bit cold that night and the jacket helped me to stay warm but stylish at the same time. 

This photo was taken last year on my trip back to Philippines. It was Mother's Day so I took my Mom and the whole family to a little pool party getaway to celebrate. :) The dress gave me that summery overall look that day. Family time + great outfit = Happy Day for me.  :) 

Until next time Bloggers, xoxoxo :)

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