Sunday, April 27, 2014

{ Leggings, Wedge, and ALDO kind of day }

It was raining pretty good yesterday when hubby and I started our road trip to Connecticut. Although I know I will be sitting in the car for two hours, I decided to wear warm yet comfortable clothes. I went for skinny leggings and green loose top then paired it with my favorite spring jacket. I finished the whole outfit with bangles, brown platform sandals wedge, and ALDO handbag.

I love this overall look and will definitely wear it again the same way. The top complimented the skinny leggings and the brown sandals complimented my brown purse. Not sure about you bloggers but it is often hard for me to mix and match outfits especially when I purchased them separately. When I bought the skinny leggings I didn’t know what to pair it with because I have no idea what it would look like in person. That’s one bad thing about buying clothes on line. You’ll never know what you’re getting, material and/or color wise for that matter, until you have it on your hands. Same goes with these pair of leggings but since they were cheap I bought them anyway, and besides H&M is a good brand. Luckily, buying them was a good move on my part. 

This pair of leggings are fitting me very well. I thought they will be itchy when I first felt the material but after washing them, they’ve gotten softer and not itchy at all. Also, the fit is not too tight where it makes my legs uncomfortable when sitting. Some leggings that I have or bought before are too tight that sometimes I feel like it will break whenever I sit. Hahah (but then again, maybe I just need to lose more weight) Lol! Overall, this pair of leggings are very nice and hopefully I'll get to use it for a longer time.

Back to our road trip: >> It was my first time going to Mogehan Sun in Connecticut. I said first time in CT because I’ve been to Mohegan Sun in Pennsylvania before few times already. The CT one was only two hours’ drive from home so I took my husband there to celebrate his birthday, a day early. :) We had lunch at the Seasons Buffet and then after we walked around the casino. The food was pretty good but my favorite was their desserts. There’s no surprise there.. Hahaha! Who doesn’t love desserts, right? Especially if it’s “eat all you can” theme. Lol! Anyway, my early birthday road trip present to hubby all worked out good. We both had a fantastic time! Plus now I can say I've been to Mohegan Sun in CT. ;) 

The next day morning, I gave hubby the rest of my presents for him. Little surprises as what I would call it. ;) Not too expensive but enough to make him smile and enjoy his day. :) 

Until next time Bloggers.. hugs! :) 

Jacket: Black Rivet
Loose Top: Macy’s
Skinny Leggings: H&M
Handbag: ALDO
Platform Wedge: South Africa

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