Tuesday, May 20, 2014

{ Florals everywhere… }

Lately, I’ve been channeling most of my time into these floral dresses from H&M online store and Amazon. I’m a sucker when it comes to affordable yet good quality clothes. Cheap price but good quality, can’t beat that! Hahah! Floral dresses, tops, and skirts/shorts are so in this summer. Everywhere I look, online or local stores it’s all florals, florals, florals! Even celebrities that I see on TV during interviews are wearing some kind of floral prints. I’ve been looking for one myself and came across these lovely Sleeveless Floral Print dresses from H&M. 

I’m super excited to wear them. Can hardly wait! :) Just looking for the right time and place where I can showcase these lovely floral print dresses. Although I’m still not sure what to wear it with at the moment, I'll just continue to think through it, watch more celebrities that wears floral prints, and/or gather more ideas from the web. However, if the time comes that I finally decided to wear them (hopefully soon), I would probably pair these dresses with fun and colorful slip-on sneakers or flats. Wedges are also on my list of options. 


How about the type of bag? Well, right now I'm thinking cross-body bag (but will wear it like a shoulder bag) or pair them with almost similar color medium clutch. I'm getting a pretty good picture of this look now and it looks very girly and classy at the same time! ^_^ I'm super excited!!!

Got these at H&M

Black Floral Dress: from Philippines
White Floral Dress: Amazon sold by BX Apparel


Anyways, regardless of what you do with these Sleeveless Floral Prints, I’m sure it will all be fine and still look good. Either with heels, flats, or one of those lace-up sneakers, these dresses are definitely head-turners. 

All of these dresses are available to purchase online today, get yours now while they last!  Summer is just around the corner. ;)

Until next time Bloggers. :) xoxo


  1. I love those H&M dresses! Floral dresses are always a refreshing element in the wardrobe. ;)

    xo Kim
    Le Paper Doll

    1. I couldn't agree with you more, Kim. ;) I'm obsessed with floral prints.. Haha Thankfully, H&M sells them for less than $15. ^_^

      Thank you for visiting my blog! :)