Friday, May 16, 2014

{ One Dress. Two Style }

As I mentioned from my other post, here is the second dress I bought at Amazon sold by Urban Identity. “Orange stripe maxi dress.” First time I worn this was last year on my 27th birthday. Venue was in Atlantic City, NJ (photo above - right). Wore it with yellow flat sandals and yellow cross-body bag. It was summer and the orange color was so in last year. I think, if I’m not mistaken, orange was the favorite color last year for summer, everyone’s wearing some kind of orange so I joined in. :) 

I’m not that tall so maxi dresses like this one worries me sometimes. Especially when I don’t get to try it on beforehand. I’m only 5’1, probably 5’3 with heels on. Hahah! But I don’t normally wear heels if there’s no special occasions. They hurt my feet! Lol! I always ask my husband up-front if there would be a lot of walking to where we’re going so I know exactly what type of shoes to wear. The last thing I want is to be hurting and getting blisters on my feet then not enjoy the day because of my shoes. I hate that! lol!

How did I style this dress the second time around?

We went to Connecticut at Foxwoods Resort Casino last month and I know that casino is huge. So there would be a lot of walking involve. That said, I paired this dress with burgundy flat sandals (flats again, Lol!), pink cardigan that I bought from the Philippines when I was there, and ZARA handbag (got it online). Most times I like to pair my shoes (whatever color it is) with the color of my purse. For example, yellow flats, yellow bag… and so on. However, this time I didn’t get to do that simply because I don’t have a burgundy purse, yet. So I said, black purses are always good with almost everything, anyway. Besides, it's ZARA and I just bought this purse; it was time to use it. Haha! ;)

I've gotten tons of compliments on this dress.. and that's why I will be purchasing dresses again from Urban Identity in the future. Also, as long as this dress fits me... I will never get tired of wearing it. This is surely one for keeps! ;)

Until next time Bloggers! xoxoxo :)

Purse: ZARA


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