Saturday, March 1, 2014

{'s all about the Lace }

This pretty lace black dress is a gift to me long time ago by a close friend of mine. I still haven’t got the chance to wear it. For some reason, to me this dress is too formal to the point where I just can’t see wearing it at normal gatherings/occasions. I’m leaning more towards to formal occasions like shows, Ballet for instance, or cocktail party where everyone is dressed up. That being said, this outfit was my first pick when hubby and I went to Boston Ballet show last weekend. However, due the very cold weather that day, I had to change my outfit up to the last minute. Although the weather was bad outside, that didn’t stop me from taking pictures of this beautiful dress at my mini studio (@home).  Lol!

To make this dress more interesting (not that it isn’t already), I added few bangles to go with it. Ok, maybe a lot of bangles.. Lol! Then I paired it with black high heels and a gold toned purse.

I just love playing with bangles to go along with my dresses. That way, I can find what’s better and what not. Having different selections of fashion jewelry is great. You can wear them at different occasions, seasons, and/or pair them with different clothes. Nowadays, more women are into fashion jewelries because not only they are fashionable but easy on the pocket too. Some fashion jewelries now are good quality and they will last for a good amount of time. For example, my bangles here are from Forever 21 and I bought them in 2012 but they still look like brand new. The color hasn’t faded yet and the bling effects are still there.

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