Tuesday, March 4, 2014

{ Breakfast at the Diner }

Have you heard of the phrase; “there’s always a first time for everything.”? Well, I have and for 27 years of my existence, this is the first time I ever ate at a diner. What made me do it? Curiosity. Yes, it’s the curiosity of not knowing what kind of food they serve and what it looks like inside that made me finally give in. 

Hubby and I was driving one day around Amherst, NH and we saw this silver building on the left side of the road. You can never miss this building because it’s silver and shiny. Out of curiosity, Hubby and I had to see it again and read the sign that says “Joey’s Diner”. We passed this place probably two or three times every time we go to Amherst, NH and it is always packed! The parking area is full of cars and you’ll see people waiting outside. That’s positive for a place like that. We then decided to give it a try and see what the fuss is all about. Besides, I’ve never been to a diner my entire life; it was time. Lol!

This photo was taken inside the diner.
I thought the car positioned up there for effect was pretty cool with traffic lights and signs, it's definitely 70's and/or 80's style.

The food was great and the waiting line was not that bad. We've waited for 5 mins and others have waited for 10 mins. For a busy diner, that’s not a bad at all considering the diner was packed already when we got there.

Hopefully I can find myself for another trip back to Joey’s Diner because my first time there was great. I have now experienced to eat at a diner for breakfast; the next trip will be for lunch. :)

To know more about this place, go to http://www.joeysdiner.com/


  1. hi Gail, cool photos! i`m hungry now! ha ha :0)
    there`s a surprise for you on my blog! <333

    1. Aww! Thank you so much Jodie! That was very cool! :)

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