Monday, March 31, 2014

{ Needle. Yarn. & Me >> #MyCorner }

Aside from fashion and photography, I also enjoy crocheting. I started crocheting back in 2011 but before that, I got into knitting first. A dearest friend of mine taught me how to knit scarves. That’s the time I became fascinated with making scarves. I will spend hours and hours knitting. Because I was just starting to knit back then, I can finish one scarf in two to three days. That’s a long time compare to others who can knit and finish a scarf in four or five hours only. 

After learning how to knit, I tried the crocheting. Since I already knew how to knit scarf, I went ahead and also started learning how to crochet basic scarf. The basic scarf pattern was to help me get familiar with holding a crochet needle. It’s certainly very different from knitting. Unfortunately, it also takes me two days to finish one crocheted scarf. Lol! Oh well. Haha

The more I practiced, the more I became familiar with different crochet patterns. I then started crocheting other things like Afghan, baby shoes/booties, table runner, pillow cases, and more. Last year when it started to get cold, I decided to sell some of the scarves I made. It was definitely like another accomplishment for me knowing that I get to sell my own handmade stuff. :) I thought that was pretty cool!

Although crocheting is painful on the hands, I still enjoy making them. 

Below photos are the few things I made already.. and it doesn’t stop there. :) 


  1. You are very talented. My grandma loves doing crochet too! I`m amazed with everything you made! <3

    1. Thank you! I'm still learning to do other things but for now these are the one's I'm really familiar with. :) It's been too long since my last project. Lol! Really need to get back at it soon. Haha ^_^ xoxo