Tuesday, March 11, 2014

{ Bring on Spring }

Ahhhh.. it’s that time of year again. Finally! I’ve been waiting for spring this year and it feels like forever, but now it’s finally here.  The smell of trees in the air blossoming back to their normal look, seeing the different colors of flowers and the changes of scenery in general makes me really excited for warmer weather.  Nonetheless, the anticipation of waiting is almost over. 

These photos were taken at Yankee Candle Village in South Deerfield, MA. The flowers and their colors are just beyond beautiful.  If this is the scenery you get while eating lunch, then you can’t really complain much. :) 

I have never heard of and/or bought a Yankee Candle brand before. After seeing it on TV (Undercover Boss program), I wanted to check it out. Besides, the village was probably about two hours’ drive from where we live. I was super excited! Little did I know, there’s actually more to the village than just their famous candles. As you can see, the flowers are just breath taking and there’s also a restaurant where family or couples can have a nice lunch and enjoy the afternoon after shopping. Just like what I did. :)

Yankee Candle Village

The weather was perfect! Warm enough where I get to wear flip flops. 

I grew up where flowers like these are hard to find. So whenever I see beautiful and colorful flowers or trees I get super excited. Especially during Fall or Spring because that's definitely when tress are changing its color. I guess you can say that I learned to appreciate things like this even more now since I did not grew up around it. Sometimes, without realizing it I often forget to stop, take a minute or pause, and enjoy the scenery or the day in general due to my eagerness to take pictures. So every now and then, when I go somewhere, I'll still take pictures (so I can post and share them on my websites) and then after a couple of good shots, I will take my camera down and just enjoy the view.  

Knitted top: Forever21
Handbag: Tommy Hilfiger

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